Any Animal, Any Information?

YES.    For twenty years we have been providing animal record keeping software to customers in the United States and abroad.

Sometimes, what appears to be the most complex of problems, can be solved with a simple solution … aim

From The Backyard, To The Barnyard and Beyond

any animal, any information might seem impossible to some.   But,  aim's broad range of features and functionality makes any animal, any information 

possible for everyone!

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Animal Owners. Livestock Managers, Zoological Parks & Keepers, Science Centers, Natural Disaster Volunteers, Rehabilitators, Shelters, Sanctuaries, Rescues & Foster Care Providers

Everything you need to capture any information for any animal and where required,  the ability to produce printed and PDF regulatory reports and documents.

Everything you need to keep your important animal records safe, secure and up-to-date.

AAZK Communication Committee Member(s)

"Sounds like this is a fantastic program."

Rescue & Natural Disaster Volunteer ...

"This is awesome!  I lived in a place with regular forest fires, and in evacuations tracking all the relocated livestock, etc. was a pain for everyone involved.   Software like yours could absolutely have helped!"

NOTE:  This technology has been used to assist natural disaster efforts, beginning with Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Youth Organization Members & Alumni

Youth organizations such as 4H, FFA and USPC have STEM initiatives.   aim significantly enriches the STEM  experience for youth organization members.

aim's robust features and functionality provide youth organization members and alumni with leading edge animal recordkeeping software.

4H National Technology Committee Member

and CES Youth Development Advisor ...

"This is far more than I had expected.  You guys have done a really good job and it's obvious that this product has been well thought out."

4H National Program Coordinator ...

"We are a hundred years old and we haven't been able to solve this problem."

U.S. Pony Club Board of Governors

and Tetrathlon Committee Members ...

"What used to take us hours, now only takes a few minutes, thanks to your technology."