aimPRO vs aimZOO

aimPRO  and  aimZOO  are functionally equivalent, regarding the broad and robust range of features and functionality for each user.  Each version provides the following application components:

  • Data Records - core animal record keeping data entry forms
  • Data Architect - user interface configuration, forms & fields workshop, SQL query workshop as well as import / export of user defined data entry forms
  • Data Xchange - import / export of aimPRO  and  aimZOO data … to other aim users as well as commercial animal record keeping applications
  • Print Shop - leading edge (custom) report builder

The difference between the two versions is that they each have their own database and user interface lexicon  ( see the technical architecture page).

The below sections present the essential differences between the two versions.

aim Professional


aimPRO provides a non-zoological user interface lexicon

Breed Group :  such as :  Equine, Bovine, Canine and / or Horses, Cattle, Dogs

Breed Name :  such as :  Swedish Warmblood, Belted Galway, Scottish Deerhound

aim Zoological


aimZOO provides a zoological user interface lexicon

Taxonomic Name :  such as :  crotalus horridus horridus,   otus asio,   canis lupus

Common Name :  such as :  Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Screech Owl, Gray Wolf

In addition, the zoological version provides the Administrator application component, which gives users the ability to manage user / group accounts, usage and access rights & permissions as well as a user / group access and usage audit.