User Created Data Entry Forms

User defined  ( user created ) data entry forms give every user the ability to customize their animal record keeping user interface to meet their personal / professional animal record keeping requirements.

Commercially available animal record keeping software applications … whether they cost several hundred dollars for a single breed or thousands of dollars in annual subscription fees … do not provide the degree of features and functionality, available in aim, to capture any information for any animal.

The commercially available animal record keeping solutions, described above, provide users with a finite ( restricted ) number of data entry fields.   Not all animal record keepers are alike and to limit the amount of data for any animal record keeper limits the ability for animal record keepers to capture the data they need in order to maintain a complete and comprehensive archive of their animal records.

aim's Forms & Fields Workshop gives every user the tools they need to create additional data entry forms and / or add data fields to existing data entry forms ... extending their animal record keeping experience to capture any information for any animal under their care and / or supervision.

This includes, but is not limited to ... zoological facilities, zoo keepers, science centers, biologists, researchers, sanctuaries, rescues, foster care providers, natural disaster volunteers … and more!

CLICK HERE to view data entry forms created by aim users.